The Business Acumen Diva

Hello. You pronounce my name ZAH-key-YAH.

I make positive impacts on a companies bottom line while solving problems.

I specialize in automating workflows that allows for the development of new business, creating analytical stories that leads to the increase of a companies net profit, and making business decisions and implementing marketing strategies that improves ones market share.

Certifications/Knowledge Base

From creating reports for the DOJ (Department of Justice) to creating web analytic tools for the CFO of UPS and the Quantum View Manage Team…

I consistently take time to go above my on the job training to improve my skills .

AWS VOD Workflow

Machine Learning: Python, R

Web Design: Adobe Creative Suite, SASS, CSS

Web Development: PHP, JavaScript, Azure, .NET (C,C++, VB)

Backend: Postgre SQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere


Microsoft Power BI

An Innovator.

I trained Zakiya for two weeks on the SQL Server tool I created for the Customer Technology Marketing Team. Within three months she extended the database and moved the reporting to have a web front end – it was something like a Google Analytics built just for UPS.
Corey Jackson
Industrial Engineer, UPS