The Business Acumen Diva

Hello. You pronounce my name ZAH-key-YAH.

I make positive impacts on a companies bottom line while solving problems.

I specialize in automating workflows that allows for the development of new business, creating analytical stories that leads to the increase of a companies net profit, and making business decisions and implementing marketing strategies that improves ones market share.

Life Lessons

I am a natural Produce-HER.

Raising three kids keeps me grounded while pushing me to grow and experiment in all of my creativity – many times with my children coming along to expand their own horizons.

We’ve volunteered and danced in professional dance companies (Ballethnic), planted community gardens, and more – together.

Below are a few of my adventurous jobs and skills I’ve learned along the way.

Dance Teacher – Ballet, Jazz, and a bit of Tap


Ballerina or what I like to call a “Zallerina”

CTAE ( Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education ) Teacher

Program Director

Business Strategist

Grant Writer

Marketing Director

Social Media Coordinator

Certifications/Knowledge Base

From creating reports to present to the DOJ (Department of Justice) for The News Group and Anderson News for the creation of Proligix Distribution…

To creating web analytic tools for the CFO of UPS and the Quantum View Manage Team…

To videography and graphic design for WarnerMedia – I consistently take time to go above my on the job training to improve my skills .

AWS VOD Workflow

Machine Learning: Python, R

Web Design: Adobe Creative Suite, SASS, CSS

Web Development: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere


Content Marketing

Build Your Customer Relationships


Microsoft Power BI

An Innovator.

I trained Zakiya for two weeks on the SQL Server tool I created for the Customer Technology Marketing Team. Within three months she extended the database and moved the reporting to have a web front end – it was something like a Google Analytics built just for UPS.
Corey Jackson
Industrial Engineer, UPS