Graphic Designs

Graphics and designs to bring the vision of your logo to life or to bring creativity to your next event…

Zakiya Davidson has the expertise to innovate a design that brings value and presence to display your brand, your event, or the new you to the masses.

Custom Business Logo Designs

Rich International Media Group Logo Design.  Designed and Developed by Zakiya Davidson.

Responsible for logo and web design and development from 2014 – Yeah it’s time we refresh Rich IMG with some new web work.

When Queens Talk & Queen Conversations Logo Design.  Designed and Developed by Zakiya Davidson.

Woman empowerment concept. Receive updates by joining the mailing list.

Graphic DesignCramoisi Fashion Logo Design.  Designed and Developed by Zakiya Davidson.

A concept design.

Graphic Design & Logos: Zakiya Davidson consulted with GANT Technologies and did an amazing job on creating the logo.

Responsible for logo and brand design.

Graphic Designs & Logo Design: From the vision of Zakiya Davidson comes Zallet Fitness & Yoga.  It is a brand focused on the improved health and positive empowerment of youth - young and old.

Brand I am currently rebranding.

Follow as I continue to grow and develop the Zallet Fitness & Yoga experience

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Logo Redesigns & Correction

When branding, it is important to request “print ready” files. These files should be in a color format of CMYK and have a color dots per inch (dpi) of 300.

Once you receive your logo, your designer should provide you a color profile that you are able to use through out your branding process. There are three color profiles you will need: CMYK for all of your logo to print work; HTML for all of your web work, and RGB, this color profile is used in some clothing printing and for the web as well.

If there is text in your logo, you should also be given the font style and size of the text along with any rules in using the text only logo during your printing, design, and web work. These rules will be spacing around test, spacing between text and graphics, etc.

Evolution Arts is where technology and art collide.  This was our first logo design done by an outside designer.  We came back to the Logo Design Diva - Zakiya . We ask Zakiya Davidson to redesign our logo.
Original Logo
  • Current color profile is RGB. Print ready files should have a CMYK profile.
  • The icons were in individual pieces making it difficult to move and use or copy for use in other designs.
  • The circle surrounding the EA is out of alignment.
  • Some of the colors are duplicated to close to each other creating a loss of visual on the icons.

Graphic Designs & Logo Design: Evolution Arts is where technology and art collides.  Zakiya Davidson did an amazing job with improving our logo.  Logo design done awesomely by Zakiya Davidson.
The Corrected Logo
  • Realigned the circle surrounding EA along with centering the letters.
  • Centered all of the icons surrounding EA
  • Improved the colors to ensure a visual dynamic.
  • Corrected all colors for a CMYK profile.
  • Grouped the individual icons so if needed they could be moved and rearranged with ease.

Flyer Designs

Graphic Designs:  Shon MUA Sanks Flyer Design for the 2019 Bronner Brothers event presented by Evolution Arts.  Flyer Design done by Zakiya Davidson.
Shon Sanks Flyer Design
Graphic Designs: A flyer for Nadia Bilchik - speaker, author, and coach; for Turner's Black Professional College Day Event. Flyer Design done by Zakiya Davidson.
WarnerMedia Flyer Design
Graphic Designs: ELEVATE 2018 Graduation Flyer for WarnerMedia.  Design done by Zakiya Davidson.
WarnerMedia Flyer Design