You have a Computer Science Degree, how did you get here?

I wanted to be a dance teacher first.

I took up Computer Science because at the time I didn’t know what I would do with a teaching degree.

I love to learn knew things and create. I saw Computer Science as giving me the opportunity to do both.

Fast forward years later, here I am…

I’ve been blessed to have found great opportunities in teaching dance, graphic design, and technology

All while raising a family and consulting with companies such as Verizon Wireless and Turner Broadcasting to build applications, improve workflows and at UPS where I impacted clients such as Walmart and Amazon with marketing analytics.

My current focus is on building companies by undergirding their marketing initiatives with impactful analytics to increase their market share as well as the clients that they service.

My ability to design, create applications, database administration and analytics with my years of building and growing for profit and non-profit companies – small and large;

sets me apart from anyone you have worked with before.

Graphic Designs
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